How to Add Lock Screen Message on Android Device


Add lock screen message on android : If you want to add Brief information about you when your android phone is locked. Many people don’t know about this feature you can add your info on Lock Screen. This feature is not for all android users.

There is many benefits to add your info on lock screen. Suppose you lost your phone somewhere. Somebody who get it and he/she wanna contact you but they have no choice because They don’t know about you, In that case you can add your info on lock screen.

There is very less people who want to interest to give your lost phone. Sometime People are willing but they have no option to give you because they have no address of you.

In this post we are describe about  about How to Add Lock Screen Message on Android . its very easy to set info on lock screen.

Note: This feature is only available in Android Marshmallow. Rest Other android phone have no option to set this type info.

Add Lock Screen Message on Android

#1: Tap on the Settings app.

#2: Choose the Device security category.

#3: Tap on ‘Lock screen message‘.

#4: In Pop Up Window type any information you wanna to show on lock screen. then it may be email or phone number or your permanent address.

#5 : press Ok button.

If you want to change or delete this message then follow the same steps and clear the box and press Save . it will automatically deleted.

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