How to Change Android Icons Name [ Simple Trick ]


How to Change Android Icons Name

Change Android Icons Name : Android become very famous operating system in today arena. There have lot of customization options but also limitations there. When we install any apps from play store then shortcut is created with default name and it will automatically add on your home screen. The Problem is that we can’t change the name of the android apps shortcuts which is added on your Home screen.

We have tricks where you can change the name of apps/icon. There are many ways to change names of the icon on your home screen but we will explain simple methods with you. You Know Other Operating system is offering to change their icon name but only android is not provide this feature. We have to dependent on third party software.

Here is some simple steps you have to follow if you really want to change icons of apps in your android OS. To Change the Icons Names On Android Home-screen. You just need to download an external application from play store. This is third party software i already told you android OS is not provide that feature.

Simple Steps Change Android Icons Name 

Step 1: Goto Play Store and Search and download QuickShortCutMaker and install it.

Step 2: Once the app is installed, There will be show all apps in this app.

Step 3: find the app which one you want to change name.

Step 4: Tap the area “Tap to change label”.

Step 5: The “Rename shortcut” dialog box displays. Change the Name and press ok.

Step 6: Tap “Create” button of the screen.

Note: This is all about How to Change Android Icons Name . If you have any query you can comment below: If you want to add any other method you can suggest us.

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