How To Find Android Device Model You Have [ Easy way ]


Find Android Device Model :Hello Friends! Many People don’t know about which android phone they are using . Sometime your friends or anyone can ask you which android you are using then that time you have no words to say or may be you are checking on internet or somewhere else.

How To Find Android Device Model

In this post we are sharing some tips where you can find your model number of your android phone. Some Android phone showing back of the android phone where they mention the model name but if we talk about old android phone it’s hard to find model number.

you can also find the android model number if your android phone have removable battery. All the old android phones comes with removable battery but today arena battery automatic fix you can’t remove it. Switch off your android phone and remove the battery you will see the name of your android phone and model number.

How To Find Android Device Model

Step 1: Open the Setting in your android phone.

Step 2: Tap on About Phone it may be bottom or top under Setting.

Step 3: You will see device Name, Model Number like that.

You can Also change name of your device just click on Device Name and type the name whatever you want to show and press OK . The device name will changed of Your android phone .

If you don’t see your android model number click on further Hardware info under this you will find Model Number.

Note :  You wanna more info about your Phone then you have to installed app from play store Droid Hardware Info. This is all about How to How To Find Out Android Device Model. If you have any question in your mind you can comment below:

Thank You

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