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Problems Of Parents

We are living 21st century and our life is going very fast. Everyday new technology comes.You know the every child need smartphone in today arena without smart phone life is very boring . Before in old days children are love to play game each other but in today arena everything has changed.

Parents had simple ways to monitor the activities of their children in old days but you know with so much technology in the world, it becomes difficult for parents to monitor their kids. Childeren are very smart and they love to use smartphone.

It’s very difficult to Monitor their children what they are doing in mobiles but don’t worry Kidgy is the solution parents have been looking for when it comes to parental control. Its the best app to monitor their childeren.

OverView Of Kidgy

The application is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.Kidgy was developed by digital parents to make a modern parenthood simpler and enjoyable. Designed as a digital assistant, this parental control application allows to supervise your kid’s online activity remotely. View and block adult websites and apps that promote harmful behavior. Monitor your kid’s current GPS location as well as set safe zones.

Kidgy Features

Tracking of Children : Where your childeren are staying and waht they are doing ? View your kids real-time location and time stamps. Be aware when they visit School, house or go out with friends.

Geo-fencing: Choose safe and dangerous areas on the virtual map and follow kid`s location around them. View timestamps to know when your kid breaches these zones.

Messages: you can monitor all outgoing and incoming text messages. Kids are very smart and they delete the all messages sometimes they think we are very smart and our parents don’t know about that. You can even see those messages that your child might have deleted.

Calls: it track your kid whose communicates through the phone. and it allow the parent to View their contact list and block unwanted contacts from reaching your child.

Panic button: Panic button is great feature of Kidgy apps . It helps to parents when your child in danger situation. Provide your kid with the opportunity to inform you every time they are in danger. Get a notification with their current whereabouts and timestamps.

Applications: The Kidgy app provides an overview of the time spent on each app so that you can decide what to limit respectively.

Internet filter: If you are thinking about your children using facebook everyday or any other sites which is not necessary then you can access or block these cites.

Daily Activities: It gives the task of daily basis as a result your children will be busy to complete the task and follow your kid`s progress. Develop good habits and discipline.


Kidgy will be the best choice for parents if they want to monitor their children without their knowledge. if you want read more Parental blog Follow this link.

Note: This website is not responsible for any Problem related to this App and you can go with your own risk..

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