How To Get Android Notifications On Windows 10 2018

Android Notifications Windows 10

Hello Friends! We always worried about when we working on our Pc then unexpected messages come or call Android Notifications Windows 10 . We just destruct our focus and look at the mobile what’s coming on mobile. Sometimes we don’t see notifications because we working on mobile very sharp. As such, we might also miss out some important notification that might pop up on the Android smartphones.

However, We are here for solutions that you need a lot, rather than looking into your phone every now and then, there is a better solution for receiving all of your Android notifications on Windows. While receiving the Android notifications on your desktop itself, there is no risk of missing out any important message or call.

You can use the PushBullet app for getting the Android notifications on Windows as well as on other desktop systems. Here we will explain this app more detail

Process To Get Android Notifications On Windows PC

Install PushBullet

You can install and use the PushBullet app for your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store. Once it has been installed, you can launch the same on your smartphone. Then, sign up into the same with the Google or Facebook account. Next Step,  when you open the PushBullet app on your phone, sign in with the same account and its credentials, below you can see image where you can get idea.

You will have to follow the given instructions as they appear on the screen. The instructions will help you in enabling the notifications to be shared on the PC. When you follow the instructions properly, it will also activate the mirroring service of the notifications on the setting screen of your Android smartphone. This gives the Push Bullet app the access to all of the messages on your Android smartphone. The apps only which you have given the permission would be observed on the Android notification.

Once you have installed the PushBullet app on your  smartphone, then next step is to install the extension of PushBullet on your system. You can get the PushBullet extension for your computer or laptop  system from the Web Store of Google Chrome. Once you install these extension, you can click on the PushBullet tab on the toolbar of your Chrome web browser and then sign in using the same account credentials of Google or Facebook as with your Android smartphone.

Once you have signed into the same, you can receive Android notifications on Windows 7 as well on other computer systems.

Download: PushBullet App Here

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