How To Disable Enable Google Chrome Ad Blocker


How To Disable Enable Chrome’s Default Ad Blocker

disable enable Google Chrome Ad Blocker: Google recently launched in chrome Ad Blocker. The Browser Automatically finds which ads is not well standard and it will hide by the browser. Many Website show ads in websites like when user comes to website then content is not visible because of ads . User have more chance to click on Ads. So doing that of websites Google take a step to hide this type of ads.

Chrome Default’s Ad Blocker will automatically pick what ads is nor user friendly or we can say not proper standard. Then this Ads will automatically removed also for user don’t have to do something for that.

The only lacking point is that, whatever you call it, of the ad blocker in Chrome is that you can’t disable it entirely. The ads can be disabled or enabled as per-site basis. Follow Each step its very wasy

How to Disable Enable Google Chrome Ad Blocker

Step 1: Open any site in Google Chrome.

Step 2: Now, In the address bar, you will see green padlock near Https or info button or click on that.

Step 3: you will see flash , certificate.. click bottom Site Setting .

Step 4: Scroll down to find Ads option.

Step 5: There is three option Block(default)<–> Allow <–>Block

Step 6: After click close the all tabs.

Note: like that way you can disable the default ad blocker in Google Chrome. You can also to turn on the ad-blocker again.

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