How to Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp on iPhone


How to Hide Last Seen in whatsApp on iPhone

 Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp on iPhone :If you have smartphone it might be you installed Whatsapp . Whatsapp is the most Famous Android application which already has downloaded many version all over the World by the people. There is lot of feature but people mostly don’t know about it.

In this Post I am sharing some tricks How to Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp on iPhone . Some User don’t want to show we are online on whatsapp or not. It may be many reasons by the users. Keep in mind that if you go under the hiding, you won’t be able to see others’ status they are online or not.

Sometime people messaging you but you have don’t time reply them or may be other reasons you don’t want to reply them. Mostly people check when they send you message about your last seen. if you hide your last seen then people think about to send you message.

Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp on iPhone is very simple task. you just need to follow some steps.

Steps Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2: Now, tap on Settings .

Step 3: click on Accounts.

Step 4: tap on Privacy option.

Step 5: You will see last seen , Profile Photo , about etc. Click On Last seen

Step 6: There will open 3 options Everyone –My Contacts–Nobody

Step 7: Click on Nobody.

Note: You can change this option anytime by using same steps .

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