How to Recover Lost Files from Android Phone


How to Recover Deleted Files Android Phone

Recover Deleted Files Android Phone: Sometimes we deleted all files in our android phone by mistaken or may be many reasons to delete these files But people never think may be there some important files in our phone , When they deleted everything then they realize ohh shit! i have some important files in phone. how to Recover Deleted Files Android Phone? Then they search on the google to find what is the solution?

There may be many reasons to delete their files sometime new update is come what we no space to install then we try to find what files is unnecessary. There is may be another reasons like malware attack on your android phone.
When you are updating a new android version from the the third party resource then within update files corrupted then your wipes off all data completely. Hardware Damage is also cause to delete your all data but this is rare case .

Sometimes you forget password of android user then you don’t know how to open this mobile then mostly cases people do restore Factory . As a result your all data erased.

Once you recovered deleted files then its your choice whether you want to save on your pc/Laptop or you can save in your mobile if space is available.

Follow Each Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone

Step 1: Open Your Pc/Laptop install the “Android Data Recovery” Software.

Step 2: Connect your Android device to PC via a USB cable.

Step 3: Turn on USB storage on your Phone by following some commands.

Step 4: Once you enabling USB debugging for your Android . Android data recovery software start to scan your phone for lost data.

Step 5: Select the type of files you want to recover then click on Recover button .

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