How to Turn On & Off Safe Mode in Android – 2018


How to Turn On & Off Safe Mode in Android

Turn On & Off Safe Mode in Android: Do you Know about What is Safe Mode? If not then this post is only for you. You know our mobiles phone sometimes hanging or when we are going to install the or delete the apps then it will not work. I think many user facing the Problem. You know Safe mode is the key of android phone where you can check which app is causing the problems.

Basically Safe Mode help us to define problem having in your android phone. THis doesn’t allow to run any third party app in your android phone. if your phone is working fine the you can get the idea third party app is causing the problems. Sometimes your battery heating up during safe you can detect what is the problem and why this problem is coming?

You know many less people know about Safe mode . If the mobile phone having problem they go to the service center. but before you can also use this Safe mode. When your android phone causing the overheating or operating system doesn’t work you need to switch on the Safe Mode in your android phone.

Here is some basic steps you have to follow to turn of Safe mode . These steps are very easy to implement .

How to turn off Safe mode in Android:

Turn Off Safe mode is very simple task just Press and hold the Power button. There will be opttions just Tap the Restart option. At last after Restart you android phone will work normally. May be it’s working fine.

How to turn on Safe mode in Android

Step 1: First you need to Power off your android phone so Press and hold Power Button until its your device is turn to Power off.

Step 2: Now Press the Power Button Within same time Press and hold the Volume Up+ Down button together until it finishes booting. Now your are in Safe Mode as expected. find which apps is causing problem in your android phone and uninstall it.

Step 3: you you come out from Safe mode then above i mentioned you can check .

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