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How to View Saved Passwords  Chrome

View Saved Passwords Chrome: If you are using Chrome Browser then you will see when you visit any website and make the account. Chrome Browser automatically saves your id and password by just on click. its very hard to remember all websites password if you gave different password to every websites.

When you open again same website then you don’t need to fill email or password it will automatically filled by Chrome finally you can access the particular websites. If you are using same password to all websites that is the different case but this is for those users who don’t password because when they makes account that time they know password but when they visit after weeks months then they forget.

Most of people are used to saved password to the chrome because they do’t want to fill again and again. like this things its goes to user friendly.

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This is very easy to see your password saved by the chrome. you need just follow the small steps to see you passwords.

How to View Saved Passwords Chrome?

Steps 1: Open you Chrome browser

Step 2: Right Top Corner there is 3-dots Click on it.

Step 3: You will see Dropdown menu, In the Last you Will See Setting Click On it.

Step 4: Scroll Down There is Advanced Option Available Click On .

Step 5: Find the Options Passwords and Forms and click on Manage passwords.

Step 6: You Will which websites password saved or without password.

Step 7: Click on eye icon to see password and dialogue box come .

Step 8: Enter Windows/Computer password in Dialogue Box.

Step 9: Press Okey.

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