10+ Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2018

28Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2018

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2018 :You Know Today arena Everyone have Smartphone. New generation totally addicted to smartphone. No one can live without smartphone. It becomes our need in daily life. Every Smartphone have hidden feature most of the people don’t know that feature. If you use iPhone, you can find the hidden iPhone codes that can unlock many hidden settings and features. Most of use use iPhone in our daily life but don’t know their secrets features so guys, these codes can increase your knowledge about iPhone Stuffs

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Iphone is most popular smartphone in today arena. Some people used to show status symbol. Iphone have lot of secret codes but no one know about it. It is used when you facing some problem but you don’t know solution then that time we can use Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes  to come out particular problems.

List of All best  Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2018 :

1. To know IMEI Number :


It helps reveals the IMEI code of your iPhone. Original identification of the hardware of your phone.

2.To check account balance:


The account balancing checking of iPhone is only for the prepaid users

3. To Know Missed Calls:


THis code To check number of missed calls.

4. Reveals all Inner Settings:


This code contains all of iPhone inner settings, cell information and newest network.

5. Disables Call Forwarding:


This code help you disables call forwardings

6. Hide Numbers


This code Allows you to hide your phone number

7. EFR Mode of iPhone


It will activate the EFR improves the voice quality of your iPhone, but doing like that more battery consumes.

8. Call waiting activate


This iPhone secret code will activate the call waiting.

9. Call waiting deactivate:


This iPhone secret code will activate the call waiting.

10. Multiple configurations:


THis code help you Multiple configurations like SMS , Calls , Data whether it is enabled or not

Note: The Above Menttion Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes is working fine but by chance if you faced any problem we are not responsibe for that and you can comment below if you have any query.

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