Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC

In this post i am going to share Best ios emulator Windows PC. so before that you should know about what is Emulator? How does it works?

What is Emulator?

In simple words Emulator is just like a Software as like other software. The main task of Emulator to play other software. Suppose you want to play a play Station game on you PC then how it is possible? You can install play station game on your PC. The Problem is very critical so find this solution Someone makes the Emulator.

Emulator act like hardware or software of play station. Emulator use everything of you computer like hardware , graphic, RAM like. Now you can install play station game on you PC and you can easily play play station game on you computer.

Basically this is not used for gaming purpose. Like if you want to run android application on your computer then you have to install Android emulator on you pc after then you can run android application on your pc.

Suppose you are App Developer and you want to check your application how it works but the problem is that you don’t have android phone or Iphone. The problem is very critical, so handle this problem you can install IOS Emulator on you PC or Android Emulator on you PC then you can play any Applicaton i mean you can check how it works.

Best iOS Emulator Windows PC


Smartface is one of the best Emulator for develop the iphone apps. The developer can check their application easily in the window PC. Basically the Smartface makes it easy to develop for iOS and Android on Windows. There is also function to debug  your apps with debugging features. Most of the developers choose real devices for testing.Best ios emulator Windows PC

Download :  Click Here


One thing must be clear for you guys that iPadian is a simulator, not an emulator . Ipadian is basically free of cost you don’t need to pay any money. It gives you an impression of using the iOS, So that you can see and feel the difference between Android and the iOS. It is a user friendly so the user can easily attract or do some work. its also used by the developers mostly.

Best ios emulator for Windows PC

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Appetize is one of the best Emulator as compare to the others. it gives the access to user to develop and test iOS apps from Cloud Storage. the Emulator is not free to used but if you are new user they give to use first 100 Minutes free after that you have to pay some money according to requirement.

Best ios emulator for Windows PC

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4. APP.IO is the also best iOS Emulator as compare to other Emulator . Basically it take some to time to upload. once you installed  it is so easy to use . The main advantage of this Emulator you no need to install any software, and it is available for free but only 7 days trial. it is also cloud based. If you think its good after using 7 days then you can upgrade giving some charges.

Best ios emulator for Windows PC

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This simulation is basically for those who don’t have Iphone but they want to run their app on Iphone. Its basically for the developer . Its is free of cost and give high quality graphics. it’s free of cost you don’t need to pay any money to purchase this so download this simulator and enjoy. it is not only for Developers also if you are game lover really like Iphone game then this software amazing work for you.Best ios emulator Windows PC

Best ios emulator Windows PC

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