How to Fix Blank Lock Screen iPhone X [100% Fix]

How to Fix Blank Lock Screen iPhone x

Hello Frineds! If you are facing Blank Lock Screen on iPhone X then you come at right place. it’s same happening with my iphone.  Some users are experiencing problems with black / frozen screens when they upgrading to the latest version of iOS 11. But don’t worry we are here Fix Blank Lock Screen iPhone x . You have to follow some tips then your phone will working fine.

Users also saying this problem occurs when we launch an app for the first time in our iphone. THey company saying that when ios 11 come Download imessage on Window Pc then bug will be removed but the same problem still but this is not permaately. it will solve using these tricks.

iOS 11 has come with superb features its not doubt many people installed when it launched. Many issues have been seen by the users after installation of this new updates. Some users also reported that iphone Lock screen Disappear this black screen problem starts happening after making a call with Voice Control. Here is the Tips to Fix Blank Lock Screen iPhone x .

Method 1: Restart You Iphone

This method is working well you just need to turn off your Iphone and after some time again restart. By doing that the problem will solve.

Method 2. Change Display Zoom

Here is the first thing you need to do for fixing clock missing on lock screen issue. Here are the steps to change display zoom.

Step 1: In your iPhone,go to–> Settings –> Display.

Step 2: Now, go to –> View and then click on

Step 3: There will be 2 options Standard And Zoomed.

Step 4: Click on Standard.

Note: If already on Standart then click on zoomed then again to Standard by dond that may be problem solved.

Method 3: Swipe Top Down on Lock Screen

This trick for those user who are facing clock missing issue in the iphoneYou just need to do swipeg top down when the screen is locked. Now it’s time to check whether pronlem has solve or not. This trick is not used for all iphone handset.

Method 4. Hard Reboot iPhone

this method probabaly may work because its response by the users. To Hard Reboot Iphone press Home button along with Sleep button for seconds. After some seconds you will see Apple logo emerging on the screen. Now It’s time to check screen is blank or not?

Method 5: Reset All Settings

If now e of above method is working so its tie to reset you iphone. disappears. This will make your settings as default and help to solve the problem.

Step 1: Go to Settings tap on General.

Step 2: Click on Reset and click Reset all Settings.

Enter your passcode and tap on Reset All Settings for confirming. but before that you need to backup your data because we are not responsible any issues if you facing after doing that.

Note: If you faced any problem Fix Blank Lock Screen iPhone x then you can comment below

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