Top 10+ Secret iPhone Tricks Most People Don’t Know 2018

Top Secret iPhone Tricks Most People Don’t Know

Hey Guys ! Today i am going to share with you some secret iphone tricks you must know in 2018. Tricks plays a great role in our mobiles. if you know some tricks then you can become master to operate any handset.

I purchased iPhone 3 years back then i don’t know too much about phone. when the slowly slowly times pass i try to work on some tricks at the end it gives me too much faster access. Hidden Iphone Secret Codes I am here to share some cool tips and tricks about iPhone . Follow Every tricks and become master in Iphone.

This iPhone tricks that will change how you use your handset . You can use these tricks in front of your friends and make to shock Everyone. We are living in Digital life so people want to become more digital . so this secret iphone tricks is very useful in future.

Tricks 1: Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search is a great feature for iPhone When you type anything on Spotlight Search, it can bring up and access almost anything that’s stored within your phone, your contacts, apps, messages, calendar, songs, videos and a lot more. You can customize it to your requirements by going to Setting– > General –> Spotlight Search. If you want to find song but there in hundred playlist its very time consuming to find but through spotlight search you can find easily.

Tricks 2: Widescreen View

Open the Camera, choose Photography mode, double tap on the screen to have a widescreen view of what you’re recording. Also, the footage looks less shaky.

Tricks 3: Close Multitasking Bar

When closing apps in iOS 7 in the multitasking bar (after double click), you can close up to three apps at once. You just have to use three fingers.

Tricks 4: Google Maps as a Free GPS

While traveling somewhere but you don’t know the location then you used Google map but for that you need internet connection. suppose if you have not internet access in particular area then waht to do? so you can use Google Maps as a free GPS without any data plan. While offline, simply zooming to a map area you want in the maps app, and type “ok maps” into the search box. This map will be available even when you do not have data connectivity.

Tricks 5: Stop Music with Clock

You can stop music playback after a certain time. When you are listeining songs then you get sleep but your music is playing still. This type of situation you can set the times in clock. when the time ends then music play stop automatically.

Tricks 6: Delete/Recover the Last Digit with Swiping in Calculator

If you wish to delete or recover the last digit you input on the calculator, simply swipe across the readout from left to right, or vice versa.

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