5 Best Google Play Store Tips and Tricks For Android Users


Google Play Store Tips Every Android User Should Know

Best Google Play Store Tips Tricks : Every Android user are familiar with Google Play store. I think they used Everyday to install the new apps. If you want to play Game in your android phone then you just go to the Google play store and whatever you like you download it.

It very easy to find apps from google play store. In google play store has very powerful tricks which is normal user don’t know. In this post i am going to share some cool tricks and tips of google play store.

Lets see Best Google Play Store Tips Tricks

Tricks 1: Search Apps by developer

When you are searching a apps in Play store you type some text to find the particular app. if you don’t know the name of apps which you trying to find in play store but you know the name of developer. you can search by using developer name pub:[developer’s name]. it is very easy to find the apps which is really need you.

Tricks 2: Test Beta Versions of Apps

If you really want to know which apps is coming now then you can use beta version . In beta version developer test their apps also you can download it and tell the developer where is problem of the apps. if you become beta tester then scroll down the page. there is option become beta tester click on I’m in to join the beta program.

Tricks 3: Install not available in your country

Sometimes you see you goes for the particular apps but which is not available in your country. then you just worried about how to install. its very simple tricks you need to download VPN mean virtual private network. its means you are accessing a play store from different country. In VPN you need to select the country that solve.

Tricks 4: Manage your apps

When you open your playstore you will see My apps & games . This option basically to show which apps you already installed and which one is need to update. you can update apps one by one or you can go with update all apps.

Tricks 5: Stop automatic updates in Play store

The Google play store can update your apps automatically without yours permission. Sometime you have little data for internet but your apps update but you don’t want at that time. As a result you all data has gone. to avoid this problem you can manual set when your apps update.

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Step 1: Click on Setting in play store.

Step 2: Click On Update Apps

Step 3: Tap Do not automatically update applications.

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