How to fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10


fix 100 disk space

Hello Friends! your computer is hanging . fix 100 disk space you are working on operating system window 10. I am also facing same problem  last two month. i don’t why this problem is occur. disk usage window 10

Finally i searched on the internet then i found many blog where written this article about how to fix that problem. i followed every method at last i found nothing again same problem going on. disk usage window 10

I solved this issue by my own method and technique so that’s why i am sharing with you .

Why this problem occurred ?

Mostly people start to find the solution but they never think about why this problem occurred? Window 10 is a heavy operating system as compare to window 8 and 7. Basically this problem is comes in google chrome. Everyone know about chrome is heavy browser. We searched on the internet everyday they store everything in the cache memory.fix 100 disk space

You know chrome is also have memory. there is many background process is going on when we start the window. Sometimes you see when you start your operating system then you will see Skype automatically on may be another process which takes the more memory.disk usage window 10

Niche there is small look of problem where you see normally in the task manager


How to fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

Step 1 : Stop Startup Process:

i know many people don’t know about startup process . you need to stop the this process it means which software you don’t need you can stop . Suppose you installed Skype this is automatically opened when you start your PC. so we can stop this process through start up process. fix 100 disk space

  • press Ctrl+Shift+ Esc
  • click on startup
  • disable the process which you don’t need.

Step 2: Stop All Extension in chrome:

The major problem i found that’s extension . Basically extension takes lot of memory in chrome. In my case i have also installed many extension in the chrome. when i removed all the extension then my pc works perfectly and fast. i caught that problem , all the issue about disk space 100% is extension. So removed these extension.

  • Click on 3 dots top right side of the chrome
  • now click on more tools
  • click on extension
  • Removed all the extension

Followed these two steps you can solved these issue and your PC will run fast and perfect. if you any further query you ask through the comment section. fix 100 disk space

Thank you


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