7 Top Most Popular Gmail Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Gmail Tips Tricks 2018

Gmail Tips Tricks : Google mail is part of our life Whether you use Google’s Gmail service at work or for personal purposes. You will see many offer shown by the google if you are daily user. Gmail Tips Tricks secrets You are not aware of many feature that’s google provide us to better user experience.

Everyone has a gmail account in today arena. now Google is going to upgrade Gmail system then you should know some basic commands , Google will hopefully include some additional filters and inbox management tools. you should aware of some basic search terms which you can access easily particular user or mail.

Here’s a look at 7 Gmail Tips Tricks Which you Must Know.

1. How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely

This feature of google is going to work when you sign in multiple devices but you forget about to Log Out or even forget about where i log In . If you worry about may be someone is using my email then you can do sign Out Gmail Remotely.

If you use multiple computers or devices to sign into Gmail and think you forgot to log out, you can do so remotely. Scroll to the bottom of your inbox: You’ll see information about the time and location of the last activity on your account. Click “Details” to see whether your account is still open in another location. best Gmail tips and tricks

Step 1: Scroll to the bottom of your inbox Section
Step 2. You will see last activity on you account
step 3 . Click On detail and you will see Pop Up Windows
Step 4. Now You will see where you are login recently
Step 5. Click On Sign Out all other web session

2. Find Photos from Email:

if you are looking your old images in google mail and you think we have to check one by one email it will consumes lot of time, so Don’t worry you can just search you images from search box type like:
FileType: ( type any formay include JPG, PNG, JPEG).  Gmail tips  tricks

3. Find Emails From a Specific Person

You Are trying to find Old email but you don’t know how to find that particular email. there is two either you can search or check one by one. If you have less time you can use this trick.
Type from: followed by the person’s name and you’ll have it on your screen in seconds all the emails of that person.

4. Find years back Messages

Have you ever tried scrolling back to emails from last 1, 2 ,3 year. I tryies many times that way to find old email even you are also finding like that way . so Instead of using this technique to check one by one you can use
to find email from a certain timeline.

5. Make an email a To Do

If you doing professional work or anything else and you have to send emails some specific day then you don’t want to forget to do it altogether. Just click on the More menu above an email, turn it into a to do task, and schedule it on your calendar.

Sometimes you just can’t send a certain email right then and there, but you don’t want to forget to do it altogether. Just hit the “More” menu above an email, turn it into a to do task, and schedule it on your calendar. Gmail Tips Tricks

6. Find Important Emails

The Great feature by the Google it automatically adds an Important flag to emails from people you frequently contact. So you can easily find those emails using this tricks.
Just type in the search box
type is:important and click on Enter
You will see all important in you screen.

7. Find Large Files from inbox

If you find large files in your Inbox then its time consuming if you check one by one.
type in the Search box size: followed by a number of bytes to find emails ( 2MB, 500kb)

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