Unable to open solution with 100% proof

Last 5 days before i got the problem in my modem . I just want to change my password of wifi then i accessed to gateway Address but i got the error. I was unable to open this gateway address . so i little worry because i have no solution  for solve this problem then i searched on the internet but still i am very far from the result. basically i  have a tp-link Modem so by default this is gateway address.


  1.  Reset your Modem by through button or by pin etc.

  2. hold the the button 10- 15 sec.

  3. After reset connect to WiFi then check gateway address,

  4. Now you will see is opening.

  5. May be when you accesses second time then you can’t accessed.

  1. Then again do reset then that time will definitely open gateway address within open Maintance—— >System Restart——>Factory default setting ——-> Restart.

  2. Set the other setting according to your requirements.

  3. last click on Restart Button

Thank You

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