Google New Update Chrome 66 Mutes Auto playing Videos

Google Chrome New Update Chrome 66 Mutes Auto playing Videos

Chrome 66 Mutes Auto playing Videos : You know when you visit some websites and their videos play automatically that’s very bad experience at the end of user. I also seen many websites when i visit to read article there Home page play automatically video and some Websites using when you refresh page then automatically play videos. These video may be by the advertiser or it just giving the information about websites.

Chrome 66 Mutes Auto playing Videos

The Worst thing is that when video play automatically with sound come. Sometime you are searching something on internet and suddenly sound comes then it will be very irritating.

In last update chrome 64 which comes in January 2018 mention you can stop the auto play sound in the video. But Now Chrome takes the further steps to stop video automatically by default. Actually Google delayed the additional auto play changes to Chrome 66 and Now this Update has come.

Chrome 66 is the Latest version by the Google for the Chrome Web Browser that’s mute auto playing videos with sound by default. When previous version come chrome 64 then google say further enhancement will be in new version chrome 66.

The new version of Chrome is available on iOS , Android, Mac, windows and Linux . Some users will get the update in Chrome’s built-in updater, but some user have to download bu default.

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