How to Change the Colors of Command Prompt ( cmd )


Change Colors Command Prompt : If you are working in PC then you know the Command Prompt . Its basically used to perform some operations. You noticed many time it’s look like background black color and text is white. Sometime you have an idea about how to change background color of Command Prompt. So Guys this post is just for you how to Change the Colors of Command Prompt

We can perform many task using Command Prompt like if you are developer then you write a code of typescript and it Convert into java script. you know this code is not convert easily . We have to convert using Command Prompt. May be there other way but many people using like that way.

If you wanna to know your IP address of your PC and your networks then you can easily find through Command Prompt. There is lot of work we can do using Command Prompt. let’s come to the main point we are going to talk about how to change the Colors of Command Prompt. Follow each and every steps to change the Colors of Command Prompt.

How to Change Colors Command Prompt

 Change Colors Command Prompt

Step 1: Click On Type here to search or Start menu

Step 2: Type cmd and click on it.

Step 3: Command Prompt block will open.

Step 4: Right-click on the Command Prompt title bar.

Step 5: Select Properties on the menu.

Step 6: In Popup window click choose the color.

There is many options to change colors of different module like text color, popup text, popup background, screen background. According to your choice select any color.

This is all about How to Change Colors Command Prompt and if you have any query you can comment below:

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