Instagram Spy: 5 Reasons to Keep Track of an Instagram Activity


What if someone you love does something behind your back on Instagram? Learn how to track their activity discretely and spy Instagram online.

Why Should You Spy on Someone’s Instagram?

Nowadays millions of kids, teens and adults share their life stories on Instagram on a daily basis. Designed for good, an Instagram may become a source of a serious danger though. It allows anyone to be up to date with online posts of your child or a significant other.

5 Reasons to spy on the Instagram app

1. They can easily befriend with someone evil (a predator, a cyberbully, a drug dealer, etc.)

Who can tell for sure that a person on the other side has no cruel intentions? An interaction online leaves plenty of space for incognito and fake accounts that intruders frequently use in social media. Even common sense tells us that it’s always worth of checking who the people they make friends with are.

  1. Your child might like and share posts with deviant, erotic or even suicidal content

Being a parent makes people responsible for choices of their children as well. Underaged and teens are the most exposed to an excessive content Instagram offers. To save and protect your children you should be always one step ahead and know what for do they use their smartphones.

  1. You can check Instagram account from a someone else’s mobile only

Just spend a minute and try to check online. You’d be prompted for the login credentials once attempted. The only possible way to spy on Instagram is from a mobile device itself. Usually, the phone hosts a targeted account signed in for daily use.

  1. Instagram Direct (the Instagram direct messages) are used for private texting

According to Fortune a usage of direct messages nailed at 25% of all Instagram followers in 2014 and continued to grow. An essence of these messages is they are not visible to the public. This made them a great opportunity for those who wish to keep something in secret. Besides of sending posts in this discrete way Instagram users tend to exchange regular text messages.

  1. You may be blocked from seeing certain activity of someone’s Instagram profile

It may happen that Instagram account owner simply blocks you. In that case, you receive no updates on the new posts or cannot see if a like has been put on something. The worst thing about this is that you get any notification that you’ve been blocked by a person you follow.

All these vulnerabilities make a wonderful content sharing app that Instagram, in fact, is to be a subject of serious concerns. How can you be sure is it used as it supposed to by a person that you really do care about? Here is when an Instagram spy app puts its best foot in.

So how to track someone on Instagram?

As long as all you need for Instagram is an app installed on a mobile device, it puts certain constraints on how to spy on it. The only possible way to track Instagram activity is a spy app that has to be installed on a targeted device (the device you wish to follow). There are top 10 spying apps that can help you with that.

The most concerning thing about Instagram is texting through its Direct Messages. If you read this, most likely you look for a tool that will help you to know the truth. There is nothing more unbearable than the uncertainty. Whether you suspect your partner is cheating, noticed that your child is a drug addict or involved in criminal activity, or simply wish to know why a person you trust never leaves her device unlocked and puts it away once you come in.

The app that spies on private messaging in Instagram can make it all clear for you. You may discover that all is fine in fact and your concern was just the product of your rich imagination. Still, you may face a bitter truth that you need to swallow, put yourself together and do something with it. But at least you will know for sure.

Why not try an app that is easy to install and see how to spy on Instagram? With a parental control software like mSpy you can track Instagram followers online. For mSpy particularly a setup process takes 5-7 minutes of time. Even not tech-savvy folks can easily manage it.

You may have a test of it on your personal device or do it on a targeted one right away. But starting from that moment you are not blind anymore of what’s being hidden from you. You can get a spy app from here and see how it works for Direct Messages.

3 Popular Q&A

Here are the most reasonable questions that might emerge while choosing an app to spy on Instagram.

  1. What if a targeted person removes the direct messages right away? Will I still see them?

A: With the help of such software like mSpy and its alternatives you can get even the messages that someone removes.

  1. Do I need to install something on a phone if I have the login credentials for the Instagram account?

 A: Let’s suppose you have both login name and password for Instagram to spy. Here what happens when you try to log in to it from anywhere rather than a targeted device:

Eventually, Instagram sends a popup message to a person you want to track about suspicious activity. Unfortunately, this ruins the whole idea of spying.

  1. My targeted person has 2-Factor Authentication enabled.

A: The essence of the 2-Factor Authentication is a protection against unauthorized access. In case it is enabled you face the following message:

You would need a target device to get a 6-digit code that comes directly to the phone. In case you have no access to a targeted device, this approach dramatically fails. Your targeted person sees this popup and may consider on changing a password for an Instagram account.

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