How to Add Desktop Icons on Windows 10 [ Simple Method ]


Add Desktop Icons on Windows 10: if you recently installed window 10 then you will see “Recycle Bin” icon on the desktop window. Suppose you want to add more icon on desktop but you have no time to add one by one. If you want to add other Desktop Icons like Computer, User’s Files, Network, and Control Panel then you can done by single setting.

There is many ways to add desktop icons on window 10. In this post we are going to share simple method or direct method to add desktop icons.

How to Add Desktop Icons on Windows 10

# 1: Click On type here to search and type run.

# 2: click on Run and type “ms-settings:themes”.

# 3: you will see Desktop icon Setting right side on window and click on that.

# 4: Popup Window will be showing and there by default Recycle Bin.

Add Desktop Icons on Windows 10

# 5: Select all whatever you want to show

# 6: Click OK and Apply Now and you will see all icon on desktop as you selected .

How to Remove Desktop Icons on Windows 10

If you don’t like these icon on desktop then you can remove it anytime. follow the same steps which you followed to add the icon. During popup window unselect the icon which you don’t want to show on you desktop. then click on apply now and Ok.

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