How to Add Hibernate Option in Windows 10 Start Menu


Add hibernate option in windows 10: If you using window 10 and you want to avoid Shutdown your laptop every day then you can use Hibernate. Hibernate plays very important role in window 10.

When you shut down your laptop and you have to close every files and programs. This is the ways every user follows. But Microsoft Offer to you Sleep and Hibernate modes instead of regular shut down.

You can continue your work the next day exactly where you stopped by the help of Hibernate. In Hibernate Mode power is cut from the display, Hard drives ,Ports and also RAM.

The difference between the sleep mode and Hibernate mode is that power is cut from all except the RAM but in Hibernate the power is cut off all the including RAM. Sometimes power is off in your Home , office or anywhere then hibernate mode is control your all files even the battery dead.

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How to Add Hibernate Option in Windows 10 Start Menu

# 1 : Open The Control Panel

# 2 Click on Power Options.

# 3: Left Side click on “Chose what the power button does.

# 4: Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable,

# 5: You Will See Shutdown settings under Hibernate as an option.

# 6: Tick the Hibernate and Save Setting.

Note: By Default Hibernate button is not available in power options above these  Add Hibernate to the Windows 10 Start Menu.


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