5 Important features of windows operating system 7/8/10 You Must Know


5 Important features of windows operating system 7/8/10 You Must Know

Important features of windows operating system :Most Of people are know about basic feature of windows who belong to technical but if your using your laptop but you are not technical so this post is very helpful for you. Because i am sharing some great feature of window PC which is you really know about it.

If someone ask you which window version your using or may be ask how much ram you installed in your PC then probably you don’t know about it. In this post you will know some basic feature of window PC which should be know.
Let’s go to know about some window feature.


1. Hard Drive Information

This feature will show you how much free space in your PC . If someone ask you how much hard disk in your PC but you don’t know . it’s very easy to find about your hard disk info.

Open the file Explorer –> Click on the PC –> now you can see about your hard disk.

2. Installed RAM

If you want to know about how much program is running and how much RAM installed i your PC then you can Check very easily. many People Don’t know about what is RAM. RAM is a random access memory which is used for to run the program. Its volatile memory means when you switch of the PC then it will destroy.¬†Important features of windows operating system

just Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc –> Task Manager will open –> click on Performance.

3. Graphics Card

Graphic card is play very important role to play games on PC . if you have no graphic card in your pc you can’t play high end games. This is not only used for the games also there has lot of work. if you don’t know how to check about graphic card then simply

Type Device Manager Into search box and click on Display Adapter

4. IP Address

Every PC have their own IP address . its just like your address . its used when you are on internet. if you want to check your IP address

open The Command Prompt–> type ipconfig–> Enter –> IPv4 Address.

5. Windows Version

Many people are working on PC but they don’t know about window version. To know about window version Windows + R to open the Run dialog –>Type the winver command–> window Information.

Now in window 10 is very simple you can know about your windows. just click on Settings –> System –> About

Final words:  This is all about Important features of windows operating system . There is more many feature except that but this is some basic you must know. if you want to add something in this article or gives any suggestion then simply contact us.

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