How to View All Recently Updated Drivers in Windows 2018

View All Recently Updated Drivers :If you are using Window 10 you may be noticed New Update of window 10 and driver is automatically updating. The feature is keep your device drivers up-to-date . If you love to play high end games you need to update your driver regularly.

Suppose Your PC is not working fine or working slow and you might want to check recently installed drivers. You know automatically update drivers might be cause crash your system.

Now you want to check which drivers Installed recently. it can also quickly tell you what version you currently have installed as a result you can uninstall recently update that’s cause to slow your PC.

How to View All Recently Updated Drivers in Windows

Step 1: Open the Settings  using Type here to Search.

Step 2: Click on Update & Security field.

Step 3: Open the Window Update.

Step 4: In the Update status section, Right Side Bottom View installed update history link.

Step 5: Under Update history section, Expand Driver updates to see all recently installed driver updates.

Step 6: Now you able to see most recently installed drivers, including their date and version number.

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